Regular Communion

Due to a lack of ordained clergy in the early days of the church in the United States, a history of receiving the sacrament quarterly (four times per year) is the habit in some places. The vast majority of United Methodist congregations in the United States (97% in the most recent study) now celebrate The Lord’s Supper at least once per month. This Holy Mystery and The United Methodist Book of Worship encourage weekly communion.

During a Confirmation Class, the pastor asked a group of mostly 13- and 14-year-old students to name some things Christians—and specifically United Methodists—do that most other people do not. One of the girls raised her hand and said with a smile, “We dunk our bread in grape juice.”

Yes, that is different.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is such a common occurrence in the landscape of our worship that its uncommon richness sometimes gets lost.

One sacrament, several names

The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, and The Eucharist are all names for this sacrament celebrated by United Methodists. Each of these names highlights an aspect of this act of worship.

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