The exact time the church was founded is not known but believed to be around 1869.  J. B Wilkins was pastor from 1891 to 1894 and is the first recorded pastor. The pastor of the church served as head of the school. 

The land on which the present church and the Community Center stands was deeded by A. D. Smith in 1869 for the purpose of building “a house of worship”. The selling price was $10.00. The transaction was to the Methodist Episcopal Church at Union Hill Society.

The church records are not clear about when the old church was built. It had two front doors and the women entered and sat on one side and the men entered and sat on the other side. Old church membership roll records in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s indicate “Male Members” and “Female Members” with their names listed under the respective title. The altar & rail, and pulpit were from the old church.  The Bible on the pulpit was donated by Mr. & Mrs. John Clardy, (affectionately known as Uncle John and Aunt Ethel) during the pastorate of W. E. Purcell which was from 1941- 1946

The “June Singing” began around 1917.  The singing began as one of the members wanted a singing started at the church so everyone who ever attended could “come back home” to church to sing and have fellowship together.  It was held for many years on the 1st Sunday in June.  It was an all-day singing with “dinner” on the ground. In the early years, people came by horse and wagon and would spread their “dinner” on the back of their wagons. A few years ago the date was changed from the 1st Sunday in June to the second Sunday in September hoping attendance would be better. Now the day is referred to as “Homecoming”.

The present church was built in 1935.  Most materials were donated by the members. The lumber was cut from the trees on the property and the men took turns sitting up through the night to keep the fires burning to dry out the wood. The Sunday school rooms were added in the 1950’s.

There were two active women’s groups. One was the WSCS (Women’s Society of Christian Service).  They were active in outreach to the community and purchase furniture for the parsonage. The other group was the Wesleyan Service Guild (which was for the women who worked and couldn’t attend in the day time. They were both active in outreach and Bible School.  The Wesleyan Service Guild donated the Communion Table and the two stands in 1979 or 1980 with funds they made from fund raising projects like having “Sweets Booth” at local arts and craft shows.

The MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) was very active also. They started a building fund for a new church with approximately $500. Money from the sale of “lots” of donuts went into this fund and some members remember having a “peanut patch” and the sale of these peanuts may have gone into this building fund. Funds from this building fund were used for the installation of the air conditioning which did away with the funeral fans and gnats.

More recently

Someone outside the church but with ties to the church gave $30,000 to start a Cemetery Fund. The principal was not to be used: only the interest. This is for the maintenance of the cemetery.

The Stained Glass Windows in the Sanctuary were donated in the late 1960 or early 1970”s. Brass plates near the windows indicate the donors.

The bathrooms were added in 1970’s. 

The cross in the Sanctuary (not lighted at the time) was made by a church member, Jeff Jones, for Marlene Budd who placed it in the church in memory of her parents in the early 1990’s.

The cross that sits on the Communion Table was given by the church in memory of H. C. Ledford.

Collection plates were given in memory of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Chester by member Viola Miller.

In the early 1990 to the mid 1990’s the church was very small but growing. James A. (Jimmy) Budd was pastor. Since the congregation, at that time, was too small to use the community center for special dinners, they met in the “large” Sunday school room off the sanctuary. At one of the special dinners, the room was crowded and Viola Miller a member in her 80’s stood up and said, “I’m tired of being so crowded in here.  I’ll give the first thousand dollars to go toward building a fellowship hall”. Herb Mauldin said,” I’ll give the 2nd thousand dollars”.  The Administrative Board of the church met agreed to start with the building. Under the leadership of Jimmy Budd in 1998 the addition of the Narthex, Fellowship Hall and an educational building were completed and debt free, thanks to the generosity of the church members and many friends of the church. The educational building was to be used for Sunday school, Parents Morning Out and Preschool. Parents Morning Out started in 2001 and was on Friday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30. Michelle Keller was the director and with two volunteers Michael Ridings and Marlene Budd. Parents Morning Out continued for several years before PreSchool started. Eula Jean Campbell was the first Preschool director.  Early 2000, it was decided an addition to the existing educational building was needed. Three more rooms were added with one large enough to be divided if needed.  These were completed and were debt free. Friends of the church were such a support again. Lori Budwitz who is a member of the church and is the current PreSchool director and two of the church members, Alinda Jones and Hilary Gill are two of the teachers     

In the early 2000’s someone gave $5,000 to Mildred McGarity, a longtime member, to be used for something that the church needed.  The $5,000 was used to purchase the piano presently used in the church.

The stained glass windows in the Narthex and near the steps going to the Educational building were also donated.

The cross that stands in the church cemetery was made and donated by Johnny Weaver in 2014. 

The church office was turned into a Reading Room/Library. Many of the books were donated by members Bob and Dottie Waugh and other members.  Eddie and Sherry Emmett donated the furnishings.

The pastor’s office was converted from a Sunday school room to the pastor’s office and decorated by Sherry Emmett.

Former pastor James A. (Jimmy) Budd passed away in May 2013. In lieu of flowers a memorial fund was set up in his name.  The trustees along with Marlene Budd, (Jimmy’s widow) met and decided to expand the parking lot. Jimmy felt for a long time that the expansion was needed. The grading on the parking lot began Wednesday June 4, 2014. Johnny Weaver and others worked diligently getting discounts to help with the cost. At the completion, the parking lot expansion was debt free. Thanks to the generosity of the church members. A tail gate party was had to celebrate the completion.

In March, 2015 the youth group of the church went on the first mission trip from the church.  The youth minister was Stephen Redmond.  The youth left Saturday, March 28th at 2:02 a.m. for Eluthera in the Bahamas. Those who went on this first mission trip were Pastor Brad Anderson, youth – Elizabeth Andrews, Emily Andrews, Tanner Budwitz, Jessie Budwitz, and Jacob Butwitz, Garrett Doss, Jessica Doss, Jonathan Buelow, Sarah Buelow. Adults were Annie Andrews, Lori Budwitz, Paul Doss, and Kathy Buelow.  Before leaving, Pastor Brad had everyone going on the trip gather in the sanctuary where he anointed each one and prayed for their trip.

We welcome our new pastor Richard Jarvis and his family. Pastor Richard was appointed to Union Hill in June of 2015.

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